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13 MAY AND 03 JUNE 2017

Performative lecture on the dance technique of the pioneers of modern dance in Warsaw. The participants have an opportunity to learn and try exercises that the interwar period dancers based their work on. The dance workshop is enriched with information on the style of dancing and choreography as well as the history of modern dance in Europe. We learn elements and methods of Pola Nireńska, Mary Wigman and Rosalia Hladek. Among the included exercises with an over 80 year tradition is Rudolf Laban’s famous the right and left A Scale. Participants are asked to wear comfortable sportswear and be positive.

The workshop is run by Iwona Wojnicka, a dancer, choreographer and a movement analyst. Trained as a sociologist and dance theoretician, she interned at Docartes in the years 2010-2013. In the years 2011-2016, she studied Laban’s Movement Analysis using the Ausdruckstanz method in Berlin’s Eurolab. She leads the Artist Collective Format Zero.

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Workshop: 10:00-1:00pm

Admission Free

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